Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

When it comes to repairing or replacing a damaged tooth, implant dentistry provides ideal solutions to restore your smile and give you back a full set of functional, natural-looking teeth. Here at Christian Johnson DMD, your local dentist in Waldorf, MD, we specialize in implant dentistry and general dentistry—so if you need a dental implant, you can be sure that you are in good hands. We’ve put together our top reasons to choose dental implants so you can decide if implant dentistry is the solution for you!

Show Your Full Smile

Whether you have teeth that are damaged from decay or if you lost teeth due to trauma, implant dentistry can help you put your smile back together. As an implant dentist in Waldorf, MD, Christian Johnson has been repairing smiles for years, using safe and reliable techniques that are vetted by the general dentistry community. Get back your smile and your confidence with dental implants!

A Sturdy Solution

Dental Implants work by removing your decayed or damaged teeth, installing an anchor(s) into your jaw bone, and finally securing your new dental implants into the anchor. Dental implants can replace one missing tooth, bridge a multi-tooth gap, or even replace a full set of teeth. This technique is widely regarded as one of the most secure methods in implant dentistry, not only restoring your smile, but giving you back your ability to bite, chew, and eat properly.

Implants Improve Your Oral Hygiene!

While it may seem unrelated, receiving implant dentistry treatment from your dentist in Waldorf, MD, can greatly improve your overall oral hygiene. Food and bacteria love to collect in the pockets and gaps created by missing or damaged teeth—meaning that once you fill those spaces, there is less place for decay to occur! A full set of teeth is easier to clean and will also help prevent jaw bone recession as a result of missing teeth.

Simple To Take Care Of

Another awesome element of implant dentistry is that your new dental implants are easy to take care of! To clean your dental implants, all you have to do is keep up your usual diligent oral hygiene routine. This means brushing and flossing twice a day, and possibly using mouthwash if you are prone to tooth decay or gum disease. Once you get your new dental implants, it’s basically like you have your old smile back—all you’ve got to do is keep them clean and come into your dentist in Waldorf, MD for regular checkups.

Schedule An Appointment With Your Local General Dentistry!

If you are worried about damaged teeth or if you are simply looking for general dentistry near you, look no further! Here at Christian Johnson DMD we specialize in general dentistry and implant dentistry and can provide you with high-quality dental care at an affordable rate. Don’t delay—the longer you wait to fix damaged or decayed teeth, the harder they can be to repair and the more they can spread to other parts of your mouth! Contact Christian Johnson DMD, your local dentist in Waldorf, MD, to learn more about implant dentistry and general dentistry, or to schedule an appointment.