Family Dentistry in Waldorf, MD

Family Dentistry in Waldorf, MD
Posted on 10/14/2021

Teaching kids how to brush their teeth is a great way to start establishing healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to be a drag! Kids learn best through positive reinforcement, and activities that are fun and inspiring, so our team at Dr. Christian Johnson DMD is here to help you come up with 5 fun ways to get kids brushing. Patients looking for general and cosmetic dentistry in Waldorf, MD, turn to our family practice for state-of-the-art dental care, professionalism, and excellent treatment in a friendly environment.

1) Get into Brushing With Music!

One great way to make brushing more fun is to play a song! Not only does a little dancing while brushing help children get into the groove and establish a positive habit around oral hygiene, the length of one song is usually pretty close to the recommended two minutes of brushing.

2) Use a Brushing App

There are lots of apps out there that encourage children to brush their teeth using videos and music. If your kid enjoys phone games and videos, use it as an opportunity to establish a habit that will help ensure their dental health for a lifetime.

3) Choose a Special Toothbrush and Toothpaste

For something as “grown-up” as brushing your teeth, there sure are a lot of fun kid-oriented toothpaste flavors and awesome themed toothbrushes to choose from! Help your child feel a sense of ownership over the ritual by letting them pick out their brush and flavor of toothpaste at the store, so they can brush in style. Chances are they’ll look forward to getting to use it twice a day!

4) Brush Together

As a parent, you are your child’s #1 role model, and that means they want to emulate you and learn from the things you do. It is very positively reinforcing for a child to do things with their parents, and brushing teeth is one of those little things that’s just more fun together. Be vocal about why it’s important to keep teeth clean, and your little one will soak up that knowledge like a sponge!

5) Develop a Strong Relationship with a Family Dentist

It’s a cliche that kids hate the dentist, but it has the potential to be fun! A good family dentist like Dr. Christian Johnson DMD doesn’t just clean your child’s teeth but works to give them the confidence to build healthy habits at home, to take their oral health into their own hands at any age. In an atmosphere of friendliness and trust, kids can enjoy getting their teeth cleaned and bringing home a bag of goodies like floss and new toothpaste that make their twice-daily brushing more fun. Contact our office and fill out an appointment request to get started. For more info on what to expect, see our pages on early dental care and first visit.