Foods That Brighten Tooth Enamel

Foods That Brighten Tooth Enamel
Posted on 10/30/2017
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White TeethOne of the main reasons why people stop into our office for cosmetic dentistry is because of their desire to attain a whiter smile. We’re proud to offer our teeth whitening treatment that can help patients achieve a smile that’s several shades brighter. However, that’s not the only way that one can reach that goal. You can actually even help whiten your smile just by choosing the right foods to eat. Here’s a sample of some of the foods that can brighten your tooth enamel.


Strawberries are beneficial for brightening tooth enamel because they’re packed with malic acid. Malic acid is an ingredient that’s great at removing surface stains.


Not only does the act of chewing an apple help with scrubbing away stains on a person’s teeth, but apples contain malic acid as well.


While you would think that the sweetness of raisins would make them harmful to your teeth, the truth is that they can actually be beneficial. Chewing raisins will stimulate saliva, which will help prevent stains and even cavities from occurring by neutralizing acid in the mouth.


Eating raw broccoli can brighten your tooth enamel because the act of chewing it will actually help polish your teeth. Additionally, broccoli contains iron, which will provide protection for your teeth from enamel-degrading acid that bacteria produce.


Yes, even something as simple as drinking water is an excellent way to brighten your tooth enamel. Drinking water will help wash away staining foods and promote saliva production in order to make your teeth whiter.

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