Infected Root Canal Warning Signs

Infected Root Canal Warning Signs
Posted on 03/04/2022

After any surgery, including a root canal, it is very important to monitor your symptoms to ensure the wound is healing properly. A root canal is a routine surgery Dr. Christian A. Johnson performs for patients in Waldorf, MD as a part of adult and pediatric dental care. Complications are very rare, but today we have compiled a list of the warning signs you might have an infected root canal so that this issue can be identified and treated immediately.

Signs There is a Problem

There are a few different reasons why a tooth can become reinfected after a root canal. One is that there may have been a delay between the procedure and the placement of a new protective crown, leaving the tooth exposed and vulnerable to new invading bacteria. Another possibility is that the seal was not sufficient protection. Here are the warning signs your tooth may be infected:

  • Intense sensitivity to hot and cold foods that persists even after consumption.
  • More swelling than expected after surgery.
  • More than the normal amount of tenderness.
  • Darkening of the tooth or teeth.
  • A foul odor in the mouth.
  • A lump forms on the gums.
  • Ongoing pain that is worse when biting down.

What Can be Done for Reinfected Tooth

If a tooth becomes reinfected after a root canal, there are a couple of things that can be done. The doctor may be able to perform a second root canal, but if the issue is more complex, then an endodontist may need to perform an apicoectomy.

Contact a Specialist Today

If you have recently undergone a root canal treatment, and you experience one or more of the above symptoms, contact your dentist immediately. Dr. Christian Johnson DMD and his team provide patients with the highest quality of care no matter what their case may be. If you would like to schedule a cleaning, believe you may require surgery such as root canal or tooth extraction or would like to improve your smile with cosmetic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us and request an appointment.